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Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce GPL – themehigh Overview:

The Best WooCommerce Checkout Manager – Easily customize checkout fields on your WooCommerce checkout page.

Get a Clean & New Checkout Page with themehigh’s Woocommerce Checkout Manager.
Modify, add, edit or delete the default and custom fields or create new sections for a clean and organized checkout page with the WooCommerce Checkout manager.

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce GPL – themehigh GPL Features:

  • Create Additional Checkout Fields & Sections
    Add custom fields and sections to your checkout page
  • 17 Custom Checkout Field Types
    Provides seventeen different field types for your checkout form
  • Choose Price Type
    Choose the price type for the fields from the list
  • Display Fields & Sections Conditionally
    Show fields and sections based on specific conditions
  • Repeat Fields & Sections Conditionally
    Repeat fields and sections based on specific conditions
  • Manage Fields Display
    Manage the display of fields in emails and order display pages
  • Rearrange Checkout Fields
    Rearrange the default and custom checkout fields based on your needs
  • WPML Compatibility
    Provides WPML compatibility feature
  • Import & Export fields and sections
    You import and export the data of the plugin anywhere you like



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Last Update: July 15, 2022
Released: June 26, 2021