JetStyleManager 1.3.1 - Style Manager for Crocoblock Plugin GPL Download


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Jet Style Manager For Elementor

JetStyleManager boasts settings galore, which cover the frontend look and feel of the tiniest block elements. Put the whole arsenal to good use and get a unique yet stylish layout for any Gutenberg-built items.

  • Slay the basic style settings by customizing anything from borders, padding, and margins to alignment, color picker options, dimensions, etc.
  • Activate this mode using the add responsive control callback. It add a new option controller that lets you alter settings on different devices.
  • Enhance every little thing you want about texts: font size and family, color, weight, line height & letter spacing, style, and more.
  • Add custom styles to your plugins with no extra code inside.
  • Manage the generated styles via 10 different types of controls.
  • Use multiple style parameters to refine any given element’s look.
  • Develop a unique design for every Gutenberg block separately.
  • Apply style settings to Gutenberg-compatible JetPlugins.



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Last Update: June 28, 2022
Released: May 23, 2021