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WooCommerce Product Table GPL v2.6.4 – ithemelandco

WooCommerce Product Table 2.4.0 By ithemelandco GPL FREE Download


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WooCommerce Product Table GPL Overview:

WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a useful extension for e-commerce and online store websites designed by WordPress. This plugin can make a huge change in the appearance of online shopping websites.

If you’re already a WooCommerce user, you’re probably familiar with product pages. They can be quite useful for displaying images, sharing information such as dimensions and price, and even enabling customers to make fast purchases.

However, there are some situations where product pages cause more problems than they solve. For example, some products – such as e-books or software – and services don’t benefit from the use of images. In these cases, traditional product pages can look strangely empty.

Additionally, product pages sometimes inhibit browsing and purchasing. If you have a large volume of items available, scrolling through one product page after another can get tiring (and boring) for your customers. Using product pages to add items to a cart individually is also time-consuming and tedious.

WooCommerce Product Table GPL Features:

Columns are the most important part of this plugin. You can customize how to display any features of the products in the columns. This is like a game. You are free to choose the way that you want to show the products. By adding taxonomy, variables and even custom fields, there is no limitation for you to make the features in any order as you wish.

WooCommerce Product Table – 8QUERY:
Query makes it even easier for you as a store manager to display a group of products with specific features. A lot of various fields have been designed in the Query of WooCommerce Product Table plugin to help you dividing your products with special features.

WooCommerce Product Table – 9SEARCH BOX AND PAGINATION:
Search box is a sensible structure to make a customer-friendly look for your product table. Finding and filtering the products could never been easier for customers. This is the most powerful feature of WooCommerce Product Table plugin that encourages your customers to buy more products in a short time.

WooCommerce Product Table – 10TEMPLATE:
In the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, attractive templates are available to help you make a distinctive appearance. This is not the end of the story! More options are waiting for you as the manager of the online shopping centre to change any part of the product table appearance exactly according to your customer taste.
By choosing “Add new template”, every single part of the table is in your hand. You can change the text colour, background colour, thumbnail images, pop-ups, colour of categories and many other items.


  • Fashion website
  • Jewellery products
  • Electronics shops
  • Mobile shops
  • Gadget products
  • Restaurant menu
  • Accessories stores
  • Books shops
  • Tickets websites
  • Pricing Table
  • Online Music
  • Virtual files and downloadable product


  • Display WooCommerce products as a table
  • Search and Filter products
  • Easily access to the cart from everywhere on the screen
  • Add as many items as they wish to the cart at the same time
  • See Thumbnail shape
  • Choose variations in the action column
  • Useful Group add to cart option
  • Supports most of woocommerce product’s fields
    • ID
    • Thumbnail
    • Title
    • Description
    • Short Description
    • Slug
    • Product Category
    • Product Tags
    • SKU
    • Price
    • Regular price
    • Sale price
    • Sale time from
    • Sale time to
    • Manage stock
    • Stock quantity
    • Stock status
    • Product Status
    • On sale
    • Status
    • Featured…



Item Information

Last Update:November 14, 2022
Released:May 10, 2021