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Detailed Description:

USD Pricing:

All the products listed on have default currency as U.S. Dollar. Visitors may see price in their local currency because we have integrated a function of currency conversion based on visitor’s location. Please keep in mind that currency exchange rates are updated daily, so before purchase, review it carefully. Let’s take the example of India; suppose the currency exchange rate is 1 USD = 72 INR, then the products of $4 would be available for ₹288 for Indian visitors. Buyers can’t change this manually, and if we see a conversion fault in the customer’s order, we update it immediately, and you can also reach to us regarding this matter. We advise you never manipulate the conversion system; if you get caught doing so, then your account will be banned, which is clearly mentioned in our Terms & Conditions.

Product Price:

All products have the same price $4. Once you buy a product, you will be able to download future updates for free for lifetime. We may update it in the future, and you can see all prices on the Products page.

Membership Price & benefits:

Currently we have three membership plans in two different categories User & Agency:


1) Monthly – $14.9: Free downloads a day = 5 (billed once every month)

2) Annually – $149: Free downloads a day = 10 (billed once every six months)

3) Lifetime – $299: Free downloads a day = 20 (One time payment)


1) Monthly – $39.9: Free downloads a day = 20 (billed once every month)

2) Annually – $339: Free downloads a day = 30 (billed once every six months)

3) Lifetime – $795: Free downloads a day = Unlimited (One time payment)

All payments are recurring in membership and you can cancel the membership at any time.

We may update membership plans in the future, so before join, please check the updated plans on the Membership Page.

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